Carolingian rush job

A week ago I got a mail if I wanted to be an extra for a child’s tv show in the Netherlands. They would be doing something Carolingian and I did not own anything for that period. The fact that I love this tv show (dutch horrible histories basically) was a very good excuse to make a Carolingian dress. 

It started with some research in the period. I own a very good book about textiles in the Netherlands in the early middle ages. But it did not mention anything about the 8th century. This is probably since the Netherlands was already Christian in that period. Grave offerings were no longer a thing in that period. Luckily I did find some illuminations of women in Carolingian manuscripts. 

With my knowledge of construction of high medieval period clothing I made a reconstruction of a typical Carolingian dress I could wear over my 13th century dress. It is constructed out of square pieces as is normal in the time period. It consists of a front piece, a back piece, two gores on each side, two square sleeves and two armpit squares. The sleeves, the neckline and the front piece are decorated with a band of a contrasting coloured fabric.

I was able to construct it in two days just in time for the day of filming.

The dress still needs to be trimmed and seamed. You can see the pattern her.
The dress completed enough for on set. (the seams still need to be flattened)

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