Long dresses

Just a small blog this time. There are many projects running, but not yet ready to be published. I want to say something about dress length.

When looking at manuscripts and effigies I see many long dresses in 13th and 14th century. And by long I mean dresses draping on the ground. This length is really nice because it isolates your body completely from the outer world. Isolation with wool works both ways. It keeps body warmth in when it is cold and it keeps warmth out when it is hot outside and in the mean time you evaporate your own sweat and that cools your body. Having a long dress is a good thing to have in that aspect.

But what if the ground is muddy and wet? Well you can lift your skirts and keep it tucked up under your belt.

Long dress on the ground
Lifting the skirts
Tucked under the belt

There are other ways to keep your dress from the ground, but that is one of the running projects 😉 More on that soon.

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