Mending clothing

If there is one thing I absolutely love doing it is mending my medieval clothing. Wearing my kit means it will wear. Medieval clothing was way more expensive than clothing nowadays. Taking care of your clothing and mending it when needed was definitely a thing.

Mending a part piece of my wardrobe is part of the living history experience. It shows me how clothing worn out and how you could prolong it’s lifespan.

The garment that is wearing down the fastest are my stocking. Especially at the big toe all my stocking have some sort of hole. In my yellow stocking I added a piece of loden cloth behind the hole.

Stocking with a common wear at the toe
Stocking with insert at the back

Another method I use to mend little holes is by weaving a patch on the hole. This is a bit more tricky. The idea is that you stitch on warp threads and then use these threads to weave a weft trough them. I am not as proficient with this techniques as I would like, but when done correctly it will not be very visible. You can even use the type of weave used in the fabric.

The hole
The woven on patch

So when you find a hole in your kit or regular clothing. Don’t panic, just mend it 🙂

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