Disapproving my past self

For some time now I wanted to improve my female viking outfit. I once started it and never really finished it. I only made an apron dress and sneaked my 13th century woolen dress under it. So it never was a finished project. I am busy with finishing old projects so that I can start new ones without feeling guilt that I have a pile of unfinished stuff. 

When I had my apron dress in my hands I completely was in shock about how crappy I made it. At moments like this I always hear my grandmother in my head saying “broddelwerk!” (shoddy work). Now I also always see the image on the right dissaproving my work. So now that I am slowly becoming neater and better in handsewing I started remaking my viking apron. 

How crude!

The things I will be adjusting are definitely the tablet-woven band and all the visible stitching. The band is now made from very modern merino high ply count wool and it will be replaced by a silk brocaded band. 

Look at those horrible crude stitches….
Still a nice band, but also off.

I am very fond of these moments, although they give me more work. They show me I am improving as a re-enactor and that I remain critical of myself. I reset my standards all the time and it gets higher. In the meantime I already ordered some essential books on the matter and can’t wait to make this costume a bit better again.

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